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In a continuing effort to further develop our core technologies, in particular, our AC-mains Synergistic Power Line Conditioner technology, we have been steadfast in furthering the effectiveness of this technology to provide the most advanced, and value-engineered solution to the problems with electrical power.

For example, our original power-line conditioner, the Inouye Synergistic Power Line Conditioner (“SPLC”), was introduced in 1987, and continued in production until the autumn of 2005. Since the first production of the SPLC over 35-years ago, the constant growth in today’s smart and connected homes, and electronic communication devices, such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, RFIDs, including sports and medical-related wearables, has increased the powerline-conducted electromagnetic interference (“EMI”), which comprises both continuous, and spurious, transient noise.

Even though we cannot hear this EMI and noise with normal, unassisted human hearing, and contrary to popular beliefs, this level of electrical pollution not only compromises the quality of the sound and video from our electronic products, but it is also an often-unrecognized contributor to equipment failures, affecting the functional lifecycle of these products as well.

With today’s audio and video equipment’s greater frequency response, and higher resolution, it required more than just an enhancement to an existing product in order to deal with this unprecedented growth in electric pollution. It required a brand-new approach, and therefore, a brand-new design to suppress this increase in the powerline-conducted EMI and noise, without compromising the older SPLC’s signature benefits.

SPLC-II Synergistic Power Line Conditioner Upgrade PCB, Introduced 2023

Upgrade Options

Why an upgrade? It probably comes as no surprise, that a significant percentage of the final cost of the SPLC, is the cost of manufacturing the 2-piece, 14 gauge aluminum enclosure, as well as all the other associated electro-mechanical parts.

To that end, we opted to design an upgrade for your SPLC. This upgrade comprises a newly developed, multi-staged RFI suppression section, as well as a new multi-staged EMI transient and surge-protection section. This new surge-protection is far more robust than the original SPLC, and is designed to fully comply to the most recent electrical-safety regulations (Standard for Safety, Surge Protective Devices, UL 1449, Fifth Edition 2021).

This upgrade covers both line conditioners within the SPLC (the SPLC comprises two identical power-line conditioners in the one chassis). The upgrade is a brand-new fully populated printed-circuit board (“PCB”), specifically designed to be a drop-in replacement for the existing PCB.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a user-replaceable PCB, but rather a task better performed by a highly-skilled and experienced technician. The reason for this is that there are many high-voltage solder connections, and special compression-type connectors, which require the use of a calibrated pull-tester to ensure the electromechanical integrity, and the safety of every crimp connection.

To facilitate this process, we are offering this service in-house to completely rebuild your SPLC. If this is of interest to you, please e-mail us at with the serial number for your SPLC, and your address (for shipping cost estimate), and we will quickly e-mail you back a quotation.