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Thomas J. Watson (1961), chairman and CEO of IBM from 1914 to 1956, was quoted as saying, in part, that if you want to succeed, "double your failure rate…." Simply put, our greatest success comes from learning from our mistakes. This failure tolerance is frequently considered a negative process; however, often great success is only attainable after the comprehensive review, and the elimination of all the efforts and processes, which do not work.

Early on, we realized that as expensive as it would prove to be, constant innovation and development were going to be the key factors in unlocking the mysteries and challenges between the seemingly disparate observations, often lauded to between the subjective and the laboratory test-and-measurement results.

At Inouye Audio Concepts Corporation ("IAC"), we fully embrace this realization, with a continuous dedication to R&D. This has resulted in unraveling some of these technical secrets, in both the technology of audio amplification, and in power-line conditioning. This intrinsic curiosity is not just to simply qualify these results, but perhaps, more significantly, we believe the correlation between subjective audio-sound quality and measured results should be scientifically quantified.

This has created a unique portfolio of core technologies for IAC, which proves to not only outperform the audiophile critical observation and examination process, but also, proves to outperform the competition consistently in the test lab as well, whether designed and crafted for ourselves, or for our clients—and, with unprecedented reliability.