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Collection of Information

If you do nothing during your visit except browse through our website's portal, or view or download information, IAC will automatically collect and store certain information about your visit. Your browser software automatically transmits most of this information to us; however, this information does not identify you personally. One way of collecting this information is by way of data tokens called "cookies." A cookie is a small text file that contains information about you that IAC's computers store on your computer's hard drive. We may use cookies to identify you and your computer each time you return to this website so that you will know what you have previously viewed. Most browsers allow the user to set some level of control over which cookies are accepted and how your browser uses them. Many browsers will allow you to only accept cookies from known, reliable websites that you select, or you may set your browser to refuse cookies entirely.

Our Use of Aggregate Information

IAC records all information available about the pages viewed by visitors to this website. The primary purpose of collecting this aggregate information is to be able to track access to this website by way of tracking the Internet address of the domains from which you visit, and by analyzing this data for trends and statistical analysis. IAC collects and stores the information about your visit to this website as follows:
  1. The IP address (an IP address is a numerical sequence that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you connect to the Internet) from which you accessed this website;
  2. the type of browser and operating system you used to access this website;
  3. the date and time you accessed this website;
  4. the pages you viewed, including the images and the text that loaded for each page;
  5. the documents you may have downloaded, including PDF (Portable Document Format) files; and,
  6. if you were referred to this website, the referring website's URLs.
Once the information stated above is collected and stored, our Internet management software will map the IP addresses into their Internet domain names making it possible to determine, from where you accessed this website, and whether you accessed this website through a private Internet access account, an educational institution, a government agency, or any other location accessible through the World Wide Web. The information automatically recognized and recorded is not personally identifiable and is used only to improve the content of our website and make them more user-friendly.

Your privacy is important to IAC; however, we reserve the right to use the aggregate information collected to identify visitors when we may feel it necessary to enforce compliance with the terms and conditions of use policies and practices, to protect this website or its services, or where it is otherwise enforced by government authorities.

Our Use of Personal Information

If you supply IAC with your e-mail address or your postal mailing address, you may receive periodic mailings from us with information regarding new products and services as well as upcoming events and announcements. If you do not wish to receive such mailings, please advise IAC accordingly. If you supply IAC with your telephone number, you may receive a telephone call from us with information regarding new products and services as well as upcoming events and announcements. If you do not wish to receive such telephone calls, please advise IAC accordingly. If you supply IAC with your personal data in response to posted employment or career opportunities, you will be contacted only when your qualifications and experience match those for the positions posted.

Sharing of Personal Information

Personal data submitted to IAC is only used, and available to employees managing this information, for the purposes of contacting you or sending you correspondence based on your request for information, and to contract service providers for the purpose of providing services relating to our efforts to successfully communicate with you. All personal data communicated to IAC are kept confidential and are not used for marketing purposes or distributed to other organizations; this includes sharing, renting, or selling personal data to others, for any reason whatsoever, without your advance permission, or unless otherwise required by government authorities.

Notification of Changes

Privacy is an evolving consumer and corporate issue that is complicated by the continuous implementation of new and emerging technologies utilized by both Internet providers and users alike. IAC reserves the right to at any time, and/or from time to time, in its sole discretion, to change, modify, and/or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, in whole or in part, this Privacy Policy, and/or when cooperation with government authorities or regulatory bodies may be required. If we make changes to this Privacy Policy, IAC will make accessible and display the changes on this website to keep you, the user, advised of any revisions to the types of information we collect and if applicable, the types of third parties with whom we may share the information collected, so please review this Privacy Policy frequently.